The mission of the Fair Labor Association is to combine the efforts of business, civil society organizations, and colleges and universities to promote and protect workers’ rights and to improve working conditions globally through adherence to international standards.

Consistent and meaningful communication throughout the organization is vital to upholding our core values and is the foundation for realizing our mission.

Core Values
Respect: We will listen to each other’s perspective, and recognize and value differences of opinion, and treat each other the way we wish to be treated.

Integrity: We will lead by example by holding ourselves to the highest standards and being honest and sincere in our interactions.

Accountability: We will take ownership for our individual work and the work of our organization to deliver on our obligations, and take personal responsibility for working collaboratively to find solutions to challenges.

Transparency: We will be open and proactive about communicating decision-making processes, progress, successes, and challenges.

Trust: We will act with good faith, create an environment that inspires honest and respectful expression, and have confidence in each other’s professional judgment.

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